Thursday, May 5, 2011


Struck blind suddenly
Can’t see anything
Big picture, what’s in front of me
Future, what will or won’t be
Deaf, too and somewhat mute
There’s nothing left to say
No one to talk to.
Nothing I want, nowhere to go.
Nothing I need, except maybe peace
With no memories or dreams
To torture my sleep.
Can’t see the next step
Though being pushed from behind
Maybe it’s a cliff,
Good thing I am blind.
People try to reach me
Through the haze I’m in.
It’s easy to dodge
To stay silent, so thin
Almost invisible
In a cold, hard world
Sleep on the rocks
And wait for no more.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Death Came By

If I were yours, and you were mine
We’d fight, Oh my, we’d fight.
Both of us stubborn, both of us right
Both volatile under the calm.
But, rather than part us, we’d be energized
As compromise always moves forward.
Then the twists and turns that make us a team
Would lead us back to the place
Where I matter, as do you
But, death came by, and you moved on
And I really miss your face.