Thursday, December 30, 2010


Gehenna's burning.
Watch the fire.
The warmth it brings
is worth the price.
The void is filling
with useless things.
Gehenna's burning.
My personal pyre.

Honesty dies
with flames bright white.
Then loyalty goes
and burns dark gold.
Kindness is thrown
and glows soft rose,
but love, it gleams,
burns black, and screams.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The last two, I promise.

Record Keeping
For the record,
you are the most beautiful
person I've ever seen.
Even your darkness has beauty.
And your light...
so bright it shines
'til blinding.
But, really,
is there anything else to see?

For the record
I saw the evil you tried to hide,
and it was beautiful, too.
So, think about it, long and hard.
How many people
bother to look.
And, really,
love all there is to see?

Keep it
You hang on to it
because I don't want it
kindness and giving bring no profit
caring for others offers no return.
So you keep it
the best of me
at no cost to you
completely free
but don't expect to earn any gain
it's obviously worthless
never brought me anything.

According to you
that's completely my fault
operator error. Maybe.
It's probably true.
The manual confused
and the times I've tried equal three.
Third time's the charm,
and I've figured it out.
I'm only good at one thing.
That one thing won't last, so
everything else, do without.

All right. Done now. Moving on.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloody Nap

When you're not quite real
everything is shadow
and nothing is solid or true
except when both using and used.

When you're not quite enough
everything is lacking
and nothing is worthy of trust
except the phrase "from dust to dust".

When you're not quite important
everything is useless
and nothing is vital or deep
and I need nothing but sleep.

When you're not quite human
everything is feral
and nothing has meaning but need
and wounds that endlessly bleed.


Every night, I wear your clothes and
dark in a dream, fade like a ghost
float room to room, barely here
haunt my own house, facing fear
hearing echoes unsaid and shrill
"It doesn't matter and never will."
Then my voice, "Oh, God. Don't."
"I could and would, but shouldn't, so I won't."