Thursday, February 3, 2011


You do some of your best work in denial
Convince yourself, convince yourself
That Evil is real, punishable by death
That doing right by harm proves it
Staying afloat seals it
Violence and force aren’t just another part
Flipside to the planet, nature, universe, us
Convince yourself, convince yourself
That one of your extremes is the bad side
When it’s just another piece
Manipulation that is almost lie
Heap abuse on others and you
When control slips what can you make them do
Convince yourself, convince yourself
That the dead were murdered
And the killer must pay
That selfishness is a fatal flaw
That to reveal what you are is at best a deal killer
That crazy is a reason rather than a life
Convince yourself, to hide your flipside
From you, from me, friends, not foes
Hit the next level of crazy and run/hide
Wake up decades earlier a week later
Don’t get played, all the while playing
Convince yourself, what’s in your blood
You put there, maybe you did or maybe not
Maybe it’s just the cards since the world is harsh
Torture yourself on the rack of judgment
When you do what you do
Neither you is right, nor is he wrong
There has never been just one
We are all cut in two

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